Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Blog Entry (after thoughts on EF) -UNFINISHED

Ever since I have taken this course, I have definitely reduced my ecological footprints to a great extend. To be honest, I didn't even care about the environment when I first walked into the classroom. It was just another class in my major for me. But now, I even feel like I am becoming a different person.

The videos we watched in class, the articles we read, and the ugly truth we found out after long hours of researching and digging all changed my perspective of the world. I started thinking differently with every decision I make, not in dollars terms, but in terms of the environmental impact I produce.

I started unplugging every appliances after use, turning off my laptop every night, composting and recycling everything possible, and even becoming a Recycling Nazi myself(preaching to my friends and yelling at them when they fail to recycle), people that I used to hate myself. I went as far as calling the Puget Sound Energy and switching to green renewable energy completely for my apartment, and I now have a green sticker that reads "I Support Green Energy" proudly stuck to my window.

I also have hugely reduced the amount of red meat that I eat, which action I was not even planning to take. I now eat a lot of sustainably farmed seafood instead and for my protein sources. I also switched from drinking whole milk to soy milk, and I now eat mainly tofu, fruits, and vegetables for my new healthy and sustainable diet. (And guess what? I've lost weight, too! = u =)

Looking back at my journey, it has been a tremendously inspirational experience this quarter, and I'm just so grateful to have been given an opportunity to be in this class. My growth shows, even to my friends and families. The three goals I set at the beginning of this quarter was:

"1. Use less of the water heater that stays at 95℃ at all times and switch to the water boiler that needs to be turned on to boil every time, and always unplug it after use.

2. Never ever forget to turn off the heater when leaving the room!

3. From now on choose foods (and products) with less packaging to reduce waste."

and I also wrote this in my first blog:
"Hopefully I will be able to make a small difference by treating the environment better and better because otherwise there will be no way to protect "Ilha Formosa". (the "beautiful island" in Portuguese. "Ilha Formosa" is what a sailor said in the 16th c. when their ship was sailing by the green island they have never seen, which it is now called Taiwan.)'

But now, OH MY GOD, I've grown so much more than the minimal goals I set at the start of this journey.
And you know, as crazy as it sounds, I think might have even found a purpose and a incredibly meaningful way to serve God and his people.

Thanks to this course, really really really thanks to this course.

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